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Beetle Bailey's creator, Mort Walker, was born Sept. 3 1923 and died Jan 27, 2018. Mort grew up in Kansas City. His parents were artists, dad a musician, architect & poet. Sold first cartoon age 11, sold 300 by age 15. Chief designer Hallmark Cards at age 18, 4 years in the US Army. ran German POW camp in Naples, Italy. Graduated Missouri University 1948. Began Beetle Bailey 1950. Did 7 other strips, 200 book collections, 3 non-fiction books, 3 children's books, a stage show, TV script. Won Reuben Award 1954. Founded International Museum of Cartoon Art 1974. Married Cathy 1985 and they had a combined family of 10 children, 15 grand children. 6 of the children worked with Mort until his death at his studio-home in Connecticut that was built by Mt. Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum.