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1. Timtim drawings can be licensed for commercial use using the Shopping Basket and paying $15 (€10). Payment allows commercial use of a drawing on a license basis.

 NOTE: When you have chosen a drawing and are ready to pay from the SHOPPING BASKET PAGE or from the SIGN-UP PAGE there is a 3-4 sec. delay while you are transferred to a secure PayPal service where you can pay with any major credit card or with your PayPal account. Timtim does not get or retain any of your payment information. If you have any trouble using the online payment system please contact us directly.

2. LOG-IN is NOT NEEDED to use the timtim Draw & Color Pages. They are free and private and for your eyes only - You do not need to log in to draw and color and no one can see what you draw - not even timtim's owner!
3. LOG-IN is NOT NEEDED to license individual timtim drawings.
4.Permission for use of a contributing artist's drawing can only be obtained by contacting the contributing artist and asking permission and arranging terms. Any drawings which are not specifically tagged by an artist profile are timtim itellectual property and use is according to timtim rules
5. timtim accepts no responsibility or liability for any misuse of its drawings by licensees or for any claims against licensees by any third party relating to any commercial or non-commercail use of timtim drawings. Copyright of drawings (unless otherwise arranged) remains with timtim and Tim's Features. Membership is non-tranferable to a 3rd party.